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Tulsa Cabling Services

Convey Communications LLC provides a wide range of low voltage services including Access Control Services, Surveillance Systems Services, Structured Cabling Services for commercial and residential properties in the Oklahoma City, Tulsa area.

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Tulsa Data Wiring/Network Cabling

Most people think that data wiring and network cabling only applies to large corporations or businesses that need to allow for information and networks to be shared between a large number of people. While it is true that most of today's businesses need data wiring and network cabling for their enterprise to function and be effective, these techniques are becoming more and more popular amongst individuals and family units that wish to connect their home systems for better communication and sharing of data between individuals and/or hardware.

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About Us

Convey Communications benefits from a rich history filled with education, success and more than anything else 'Meaningful Experience'. In Telecommunications 'Meaningful Experience' means everything!


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Convey Communications LLC is the leading voice and data contractor you will find in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, specializing in Access Control Services, Surveillance Systems Services, Structured Cabling Services. Contact us, and you're low voltage needs will be taken care of promptly, safely, and cost effectively. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and constantly update and train our technicians on all the new trends in the ever changing world of technology and communications.